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Visa & Immigration Assistance

YPC works in collaboration with the Advocacy and Legislative affairs committee to help young physicians with security clearance and visa-related issues. All such requests should be sent to the Please provide the following information when requesting assistance with VISA issues.

-Full Name (first and last name)
-Date of Birth (month/day/year)
-Medical College
-Passport #
-Type of VISA requesting
-Program name
-Program city and state
-Date and place of interview

Congratulations to all Young Physicians who have matched. The objective of APPNA Visa Committee is to advise and facilitate the visa procedures for the matched residency applicants.

Current residents and fellows in the USA should be mindful that if they go out of the U.S. to get their visa renewed, the process can take up to 3 weeks or longer (approximately). So this committee can only help once the 3 weeks have passed since the application submission.

All proper checks and procedures by the State Department have to be completed and we appreciate their hard work and support of our Young Physicians.

This committee in not mandated to assist or facilitate with B1/B2 or any other visitor visa category.