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Loan Program

Need Based Limited Term Loan for Medical Graduates

Submitting for APPNA’s Need Based Limited Term Loan for Medical Graduates (NBLTLMG) is a 2-Step process. Please follow the instructions below carefully. Incomplete submissions will not be considered and further inquiries will not be responded to.

Step 1: Complete the following form to apply for APPNA NBLTLMG. Enter a response for every field below. If the field does not apply to you, enter “N/A”.

Step 2: After submitting the online form below, please submit copies of your utility bills, USMLE Score Cards and letter of recommendation from a US based physician or professor based in the candidate’s own medical school to

Eligibility Criteria: Within five years of graduation. Step one has to be passed by own resources. Scores in step 1 must be 240 plus in first attempt to get fee for step 2 CK. Scores in step 2CK must be 240 plus in first attempt to get fee for CSA and Air Ticket. For match process, further amount will be disbursed. At any stage applicant becomes ineligible e.g. less than 240 score in step 2ck, he/she won’t get further money, still bound to pay the fee of step 2 ck which is loaned to him/her. Upon Residency, loanee is supposed to return full amount in one year and if couldn’t get residency then within three years. No one is eligible to get loan more than once. Any Physician can recommend any other for loan, in this case recommending physician will become by default loaner and APPNA will give guarantee if loanee fulfills eligibility criteria. Private medical colleges are ineligible except for special cases where physician got throughout full scholarship.

Terms and Conditions: • The decision by the NBLTLMG will be final. • By accepting this loan, the applicant will enter into a legal written agreement with the APPNA and shall payback the entire amount within one year of starting his/he residency or paid research program. A separate detailed contract will be signed upon selection. • By accepting this loan, the applicant pledges to become a lift-time member of APPNA within one year of starting his/her residency. • By accepting this loan, the applicant pledges to help other students and graduates of Pakistan who are interested to pursue post-graduate medical training in United States. • By signing the above-mentioned contract, I hereby declare that I will abide by the terms and conditions set by the APPNA. APPNA holds the full authority to revoke my contract based on any reason, which is not keeping with the terms and conditions.

I understand that any person who makes a false statement, certification or representation in any application for certification is guilty of a misdemeanor offense. I swear that the foregoing information, submitted by me for certification purposes, to the best of my knowledge, is true and correct.

APPNA Loan Application