Message from YPC 2016

Dear Physician,

Young Physicians are the source of strength and future of APPNA, the largest professional organization of Pakistani Physicians in North America.

The young physician’s committee (YPC) is committed to help the incoming young physicians. It serves as a platform for the young and established physicians.

This year YPC has 25 members in total. We have set-up following major goals to help the young physicians in multiple ways: assistance during the residency match and SOAP, assistance with visa issues, streamline APPNA houses, organize different YPC seminars during the year, provide mentorship-in-person (US clinical experience & research), mentorship on-line (educational material at the YPC website), and re-start a loan program (Qarz-e-Hasana) for the deserving young physicians.

We request the established physicians (whether in academia or private practice) to come forward and join hands with YPC in helping our young physicians.

Faisal Khosa, MD
Chair YPC, 2016 Committee for Young Physicians

Muhammad Taimoor Khan, MD

Urooba Faheem, MD

Umar Tariq, MD