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YPC helps provide subsidized temporary accommodation to incoming Pakistani-Descent young physicians who will spend a few months in the US. The project was initially started in 2009 as a rented apartment in Bronx, New York. Now, there are multiple houses in different US states. These are managed and supervised by different physicians as volunteers. Below is a list of the current houses and the respective supervisors.

APPNA House New York (Males Only)

Initially started in 2009 as an apartment in Bronx area, it was leter moved in 2013 to a house in the Queens’s area. It is a 2-story house with four bedrooms. It accommodates up to 20 young physicians per month.

It is currently managed by Dr. Shahzad Iqbal ( The entire application process is now online. Please click the link below for the rules/regulations, and the application process. Access APPNA House Reservation System
APPNA Doctors House of Detroit (Both Males & Females Separately)

Initially started in 2011, now has multiple apartments. Most of the young physicians visit this house to prepare for USMLE step 2 Clinical Skills. Dr. Majid Aized manages it.

80 East Hancock Street
Cathedral Tower Apts
Detroit, Michigan 48201

For accommodation at ADHD contact: Dr. Majid Aized,


Signed MOU between residents and APPNA / or Dr Majid Aized.
Passport copy.
Copy of the recent I 94 card if already in US/ or most recent US Visa copy if applying from Pakistan
Copy of MBBS degree/ MD degree/ BDS Degree.
Application to APPNA / or Dr Majid Aized mentioning the length and purpose to stay. 

PPS House Chicago (Both Males & Females Separately)
Pakistani Physicians Society -

Pakistani Physician Society is pleased to announce the launching of PPS house and PPS Externship Project. The aim of this project is to provide subsidized temporary accommodation for incoming Pakistani physicians and medical students as well arrange externship experience in Chicago area with different physician members of the society who have volunteered to be part of the project. The project accommodates up to 20 applicants per month who are provided externship opportunity with the consultants associated with the project. Visit PPS House Chicago & PPS Externship Project.

First Female APPNA GHAR New Jersey (Females Only)

Dr. Rabia S. Awan established it in 2014. It is a two bedroom apartment in central New Jersey, "Rahway", half a mile from train station, 30 minutes ride to New York City, 90 minutes ride to Philadelphia, PA. House can accommodate 6-8 students at a time.

Please contact Dr. Rabia Awan for accommodation:

APPNA-GHAR-General Rules 

Iqbalians House Philadelphia (Males Only)

Established by AIMCAANA (Allama Iqbal Medical College Alumni Association of North America).

22 North Millbourne Ave.
Upper Darby, PA 19082

Please contact Dr. Umer Hayat for accommodation:

KEMCAANA Doctors House Philadelphia (Males Only)

It was established by KEMCAANA (King Edward Medical College Alumni Association of North America). It is a 5-bedroom house located in Upper Darby section of Philadelphia.

Please contact Dr. Waqas Khan for accommodation:

PMC Carthage House and Externship Program
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